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 Program REHA

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AGE AND MOTION HANDICAP DO NOT HAVE TO BE A BARRIER FOR YOU                                        

Our aim is to help people secure mobility and orientation, especially in high-risk areas like bathrooms and toilets, where they would no longer need to worry about unpleasant and sometimes serious injuries during the performance of personal hygiene.
Properly designed facilities provide a high degree of independence for a disabled person, which is very important. Part of this comfort are accessories from our REHA program that allow safe movement in the bathroom and toilet.
The range of REHA products was included to production and offer already in 2000 and includes handles of different lengths and shapes, seats, mirrors - hanging and folding, shower rods etc. All these aids are designed not only for people with disabilities and people with reduced mobility, but they can also be a good aid for people in advanced age. Individual elements are made of stainless steel AISI304 polished and brushed finish and painted steel in basic white color. Custom also meets the requirements of different sizes, shapes and colored handles.
Under EU legislation, all products meet CE certification of medical devices under Directive of the European Parliament and Council Directive 93/42 / EEC. In the Czech Republic the Government Decree nr.336 / 2004 Sb responds to this issue.
Furthermore, they meet the general requirements of the Decree of the Ministry for Regional Development nr.398 / 2009 Sb. on general technical requirements ensuring barrier-free use of buildings. Our products also successfully passed the test of strength under static load according to EN 12182: 2002. Characteristics of products meet the requirements of Government Decree No 163/2002 Sb. as amended with later supplements and the technical standards and regulations.


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In our e-shop, you can order a wide range of bathroom accessories made of stainless steel in various finishes and last but not least also aids from our REHA program for the physically disabled.

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