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Stairs and railings

Stainless steel stairs and railings

Supply and installation of stainless steel (also galvanized), stairs, railings, gates, fences, sheds and shelters.

Rehabilitative utilities REHA

Age and motion handicap don´t have to be a barrier for you.


Bathroom accessories

Bathroom and toilet serve to us.



Dryers for heating radiators




Gastro program

Stainless steel equipment for gastronomy

We produce stainless steel furniture for catering premises.

Bathroom - stairs - railings - dryers - REHA

We use quality materials and precision processing technology, which is reflected in the long functionality and durability of our products.

Choice of products

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Bathroom accessories

Quality accessories with modern design,
Long-term functionality and durability.

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Plotní 332/73, 602 00 Brno

Telefone numbers
+420 545 233 447
+420 736 484 733

Information for customers

About our e-shop

In our e-shop, you can order a wide range of bathroom accessories made of stainless steel in various finishes and last but not least also aids from our REHA program for the physically disabled.

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